WP Engine Gets $250 Million Investment from Silver Lake



What began as a blogging platform 14 years ago, has now grown to power everything from ecommerce to enterprise sites. 2017 was a huge year for WordPress, and its growth is in no way slowing down. Every quarter it ticks up powering more and more of the web, most recently at 29 percent according to a December 1, 2017, report from W3Techs.

This week, WP Engine announced a $250 million investment from Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing. This is huge news for WordPress. Not only does the CMS power nearly a third of the entire Internet, an investment of this size shows even more people are excited about its growth potential and willing to get behind it.

According to David Vogelpohl, VP of Web Strategy for WP Engine, “We’re excited about the opportunity this investment gives WP Engine to better serve our customers and contribute to the WordPress ecosystem. Our customers and partners are the reason we’ve achieved these milestones, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

While this is huge news for WP Engine, it’s an endorsement of the CMS as a whole.

“This level of investment is a great validation of WordPress-based businesses, and I’m eager to see how this validation helps other businesses in the WordPress ecosystem grow,” Vogelpohl said.

The investment shows the power and future of WordPress.

WP Engine CEO, Heather J. Brunner said in the press release, “This partnership will help us further invest in our Digital Experience Platform and bring the power of our platform to WordPress users all around the globe.”

Investments like these are a testament to the huge momentum WordPress has. 2018 will be an even bigger and more successful year for the platform, moving it closer to taking over the rest of the web.

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