WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it


Make sure you have a fresh copy of your WordPress website and say ‘Goodbye’ to the annoying white screen of death in your WordPress. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to troubleshoot. WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it?! In this WordPress tutorial I am going to analyze the most common reasons for seeing WordPress White Screen of Death and of course I will give you guides to make sure you know what to do if you see your WordPress webite or WordPress login page blank.

What is the WordPress White Screen of Death?

The name of this WordPress error says it all. When opening your WordPress site url or the WordPress admin back end login url you simply see a blank screen. Most of the WordPress users name it white screen of death as The worst thing about this error is that the white screen does not say anything – it does not give you even a slight idea what the issue could be.

What is causing your WordPress site such blank screen error?

Just like the  500 Internal Server Error in WordPress or Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress there are few possible causes which can inflict the WordPress White Screen of Death damage to your website.

No matter what part of your website is affected ( it could be your WordPress admin login page, or a certain page only, it could be your whole website as well) we will help you identify and solve the issues in no time.

Most common reasons for WordPress White Screen of Death:

1. Increase your php memory limit

2. Disable your Plugins

3. Use a Default Theme

4. Contact your Hosting Provider

Quick tip :

As I mentioned above I hate when I do not have a clue what the problem might be. And WordPress White Screen of Death is an error that definitely does not say anything. But you can cheat it and get some information before you start anything else. There is a way to make the blank screen give you a hint and show a message. Using the WP_DEBUG option in your config.php file.

1. Go to your cPanel

2. Continue and click to the File Manager

3. Choose the wp-config.php

4. Right click and go to Edit

5. Look in the code for the following : define(‘WP_DEBUG’,false);

wp debug

6.Change false to true, so it becomes like this :

wp debug7.Save and refresh your website to see the error that will help you analyze and probably fix the issue.

PHP memory limit causing WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it

If your php memory is being exhausted – then you need to increase it. This is very popular and it is usually the first thing that comes up to my mind when I see nothing, but blank page. That is why my best advice is to Increase the PHP Memory Limit in your WordPress and see if this will help your website get back to normal.

Plugins causing WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it

If your website is showing WordPress White Screen of Death…well you might need to kill off a plugin to bring it back to life. Plugins are really useful, but sometimes they can cause you a big trouble- White screen of death, 500 internal server error and so on.. Especially if you have added new plugin before the issue appeared or if you have modified existing ones – this is strong evidential material screaming that you need to remove the plugin to revive your website. To make this experience less time consuming, we have a separate extensive tutorial to show you How to Deactivate all plugins in WordPress.

Your theme causing WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it

Number one rule here : backup your WordPress theme folder before you start!

If you have just activated a new theme and you are seeing the WordPress white screen of death. Log in to the WordPress Admin back end, go to Dashboard, then Home – Customize your site – Active Theme – Change and activate the default WordPress Twenty Fifteen Theme. If you can’t access your Administration Screens because of the WordPress white screen of death , access your website via FTP and go to the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Rename the folder for the active Theme and refresh to see if your website is back to normal with the default theme. If it works – then it is your theme that has to be changed.

Something else causing WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it

There is always a chance that none of the mentioned options above will solve your problem. If you have tried them all – now it is time to check the support of your hosting provider.Hopefully you have chosen a good one, 24/7 available with almost no hold time and an adequate support provided by people who know how WordPress works. What I usually do is first use my knowledge and experience and try to fix it myself,if it does not help and I understand this it is out of my scope I start reading and see if other people had the same problem as mine and how they fixed it. If I still have the problem – then I contact the support. Of course, if you are not interested in trying yourself and you have chosen a reliable web hosting provider, contacting them can be your first step especially if you do not have time to troubleshoot and test.

Thank you for reading this WordPress tutorial on WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it. Feel free to share and comment.