WordPress login page blank – what to do?


WordPress White Screen of Death causing WordPress login page blank – what to do?

The so called WordPress White Screen of Death can show up on your WordPress login page blank, it can affect your whole website or just a certain page. Sometimes you may be able to access WordPress website, but have the WordPress login page blank.

The white screen does not say anything about the error and it leaves you clueless about what is causing the error which is really annoying. You got everything accessible few minutes ago and now – just blank pages. What to do ?! First think what changes have you done recently. Have you installed a plugin, have you changed your theme..have you done anything to exhaust your php memory (if you are using an inappropriate plugin or your theme is poorly coded or anything else related with your hosting provider conditions) ? If the answer of any is yes – then reverse the changes and see if your website will be back up and running. If this fix your WordPress – then you know what the problem is and you will need to avoid doing the same in the future. If no, then continue troubleshooting by following the advices in my tutorial on WordPress login page blank – what to do ?

A good idea in such moments, when you have your front end or WordPress login page blank ( or both ) is to enable the WP_DEBUG. Once you do this you will get an error instead of blank screen which can help you locate the issue causing WordPress page being blank.

How to enable WP_DEBUG

1. Go to your cPanel

2. Continue and click to the File Manager

3. Choose the wp-config.php

4. Right click and go to Edit

5. Look in the code for the following : define(‘WP_DEBUG’,false);

wp debug

6.Change false to true, so it becomes like this :

wp debug7.Save and refresh your website to see the error that will help you analyze and probably fix the issue.

You can now check our extensive tutorial on WordPress White Screen of Death – How to fix it and find your personal solution to fix the blank WordPress pages.