WordPress Dashboard – Beginners Guide


The first page of your website you see when you login to your WordPress back end is your WordPress Dashboard. Every time you login to your WordPress site, you will see the WordPress Dashboard from now on. This is the most important part of your website as you can easily create content, get updates on your WordPress site, view statistics and many other useful WordPress Beginners tasks. This is why it is important to know several important details about this after login landing page.

What is WordPress Dashboard home screen? And Why it is important to WordPress Beginners?

wordpress dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard helps you manage all your site. Being WordPress beginner, this screen can save you some time, and once you get used to it, you’ll realize it’s really easy to use and navigate.

Once you login, you will see your WordPress dashboard home screen. A welcome box from WordPress with some quick links to help you get started. You can see latest WordPress news, this can be useful due to security reasons, and it is a good idea to leave this widget. Additionally you can see Quick Draft, that can help you start your first post almost immediately after your WordPress has been installed. These boxes with useful information are called widgets and you can easily turn them on and off depending your needs.

What are WordPress Dashboard Widgets and how to use and customize them?

For the start, explore these widgets by rolling them up by clicking the icon on the top right hand corner next to the widget title. Additionally, some WordPress widgets might have configuration options that you can access by hovering your mouse over the title of the WordPress widget and selecting the settings icon. You can drag and drop these widgets, arrange them the way you like and of course add or remove the widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

On top of the Dashboard you can see Screen Options and Help. By clicking the Screen options, you can easily enable or disable the widgets you see on the current page. All setting are in real time you will see the changes immediately. Please note that you do not have save or confirm option.

What is located on the left-hand side below the WordPress Dashboard?

Additionally, the other important part of the WordPress Dashboard is the left-hand side navigation menu. This navigation menu is extremely useful in your day to day word managing your website, creating posts, pages, adding images, arranging and editing those images, extending the functionality of your website by adding plugins, installing themes and changing the settings of your WordPress site. We will cover these options one by one in additional tutorials.

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