WordPress 4.3 – what’s new


With new amazing features, bug fixes and more attractive than ever WordPress 4.3 is here to make our online experience even better. Make sure to have the update performed by your Hosting Provider or just do it yourself. It is worth a million!

In this tutorial I will talk about what is new in WordPress 4.3 and how this helps each user and what it has been changed.

Firstly, I will talk about my favorite one – Security, security, security! Stronger passwords are now selected by default.

Security has always been quite important in any aspect of our lives. Now in WordPress 4.3 you get more of it – stronger passwords are selected by default! In the past, we would either see PASS entered or we will enter something that we are sure we can remember which is not a good idea, since this can make your installation and website vulnerable and easy to hack. Now WordPress 4.3 protects us even more.

WordPress 4.3

And WordPress 4.3 thinks for its existing users as well. If one wants to change the admin back end password, a strong password will be suggested in the password reset field. The user of course has to decide whether to use it or no. It is all your choice, however the harder the password is, the safer your website will be.

Comments are now OFF for all WordPress 4.3 pages by default!

There is no more need to go into the discussion settings to disable comments every time you add new page. Comments are now off for all WordPress pages by default.This functionality has been added to all custom post types. Still , if you like this feature and it is useful for you, you can still set it as you wish bu downloading the No Page Comment plugin. With this plugin you can choose whether comments are enabled or disabled by default individually or globally on all of your pages, posts or custom post types.

Mobile friendly admin area on mobile devices in WordPress 4.3

We are now using our tablets, smart phones and etc for everything in our everyday life. Mainly focused on the view of WordPress posts, comments, and media – WordPress 4.3 admin area now looks better on a mobile device and the experience is great. There are arrows you can use to expand the information for the certain thing you are looking at and easily find the information needed or perform an action.

Add your favicon from WordPress 4.3 admin area

Are you pissed of manually uploading a favicon or spending hours to find a plugin that will helo you add your site icon? Well, you do not have to be any more! WordPress 4.3 gives you the freedom and the convenience to easily upload your favicon from the WordPress 4.3 admin back end.

You can now just go to Settings, and manage your favicon and mobile icon. The image minimum resolution should be 512 px by 512 px. If the image is larger, you can simply crop it and select which part to leave visible. Once ready you can click Crop and Publish.

Improved Editor in WordPress 4.3

It would have been really nice if there is a way to have your text formatted by itself. Well now, with WordPress 4.3 this is really possible. You can devote all your time to create unique content as WordPress offers keyboard shortcuts that can be used to format the text.

For examle : # will mean – first header,## – second header and so on. If you are about to write bullets, simply place a *. You can enter 1. if you will start numbered list.

Another great improvement is related to the links. Inline editing of links via a context menu. No need to use the toolbar to change and preview links any more..Great, isn’t it!

Customize menus from The Appearance-Customize option in WordPress 4.3

If you are able to manage widgets from there, why not customize your menus easily from this navigation. Now, with WordPress 4.3 you can do this by just going there and select the menus tab.

If you are able to manage widgets from there, why not customize your menus easily from this navigation. Now, with WordPress 4.3 you can do this by just going on Appearance – Customize and select the menus tab. It is really convenient feature since you can test changes in real time and easily apply them right away. It is also quite usable if you are navigating from your phone. Since the Customizer is optimized for mobile devices you can edit menus there and apply changes quickly while on your phone.

Thank you for reading this WordPress 4.3 tutorial . Feel free to share and comment.