What is Category and how to use and create Categories in WordPress


Categories are very important for your website, mainly for its posts organization. When you write a blog post for example, it may somehow be related to other posts and by using categories you can file your post into topics by different subjects and simply assign them to the group they belong to. This way when a visitors comes to your website and look for a specific category they are interested in, they can easily find it and see all the related posts added in the same section. What is more, one post can be added in one or more categories with just a thick and becomes related and visible to more than one section.

There are a few ways you can choose from to Add Categories in your WordPress and assign them to your posts :

How to Add Categories in WordPress and assign them to your Posts

1. Via the Categories Module – If you wish to add new category, you can do it from here, by clicking the Add New Category at the right bottom side. If creating a post, simply tick the sections you would like to relate the post to which are usually on the left side, as shown below :

How to Add Categories in WordPress and assign them to your Posts


2.Via the WordPress Dashboard – here you will see an option to add new Category and a list with your existing ones on the right side.

To add a new Category simply fill on the following :

– Category name – the name of your category

-Add a slug – the URL-friendly version of the name of the category

-Category Parent(this is filled only if it will be child/subcategory)

-Describe what is it for. This is optional, but useful, especially when using the category widget as it will appear as a tooltip.

add new Categories in WordPress

 How to manage Categories in WordPress

Managing the Categories in WordPress is as simple as creating them. When you go to Posts-Category you will see them all listed and if you go with your mouse over the one you wish to edit, you will see a few options there – Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View.

 How to manage Categories in WordPress

Here are a few word what each option can be used for :

– The Edit one will you change the name, parent and description of the category – you will pretty much be able to edit all that you have added when creating the Category.

– the Quick edit will let you change the name of the Category.

– As you can guess, the Delete option will delete the category. The important part here is that all posts, assigned to it will be assigned to the default Category, which can not be deleted.

What is Default Category in WordPress

As for the Default Category – Uncategorized – it is the one that is used for posts, if no other category is assigned. It can be managed via the WordPress Dashboard from Settings- Writing option.

There are 2 types of Categories in WordPress – parent(main) and child(subcategories). A child category is usually used for a sub-topic under a main topic.

When it comes to website, simple and easy to navigate is the best we can get. That is why it is recommendable to display your list of categories in the sidebar, for example, using the Category widget, which is there by default and you do not need to additionally install it. When the user clicks at the post he would like to read, all the posts assigned to this category will be displayed. No matter where you will decide to show all the Categories, make sure to keep it simple and easy to understand, so that your visitors will not get confused – this will make them stay on your website longer and come back again when they need.

How are Category and Subcategory related and how to set them

Subcategories (child)

Besides the main ( prarent ) categories I have mentioned above, there are also child ones – named subcategories. The subcategories are created in addition to the main ones. You can easily manage and you can create as many as you wish.

Here are the steps you need to take to Create a Category and a SubCategory in your WordPress:

-go to Posts – Categories in WordPress and create one

-fill in its name, its slug for your URL and click the Add new Category button.

And your first Category is ready. It is waiting for its subcategories. I will explain how to create sub categories in WordPress :

-go to Posts – Categories and create one

– add a name

– add a slug for your URL

– from the Parent Drop-down select the category you have just created

– click at Add new Category in WordPress and your main one has its first subcategory. And you can do this as many times as you wish.

A very important and cool feature is how you add your posts to the different Categories. As you saw –  it is like a magic, just a tick! The way I do it – once I write my post, on my left side I tick the Category I would like to assign the particular post to. And that is it – it automatically goes there. If I want to add it in a category I still do not have – I simply create it from there.

Thank you for reading this WordPress tutorial on what is Category and how to use and create Categories in WordPress. Feel free to share and comment.