What are WordPress tags and how to use them


What are WordPress tags

Just as the categories, tags are the main tool for organizing the content on your WordPress website. The tags are more specific, they are mainly used to augment categories and provide additional context to your readers. That is why WordPress tags can boost your WordPress website SEO and play key role in the user website experience.

WordPress tags are often explained with the beginning or the end of a book, where we can see a table of contents that contains the chapter titles and gives us the idea of what the book is going to be about and what parts are included.

While WordPress categories help your reader understand what is the post about before he actually reads it, WordPress tags will be more specific. If you write a post in the Open-Source category, then your tags will be like – WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, security – and all other topics you are going to be talking about in your post. Tags show more of the inside content.

How to add tags in WordPress

You can easily add tags to any of your posts. Just go to your website’s admin area > Posts > Add New. Write there your  post, and add a tag from the Tags field on the right and clicking the Add button.

How to add WordPress tags


How many WordPress tags to add? Are tags meta keywords?

You can add as many tags as you wish , there is not any limit, however make sure you use them correctly. Sometimes people think that adding more tags will work as a meta keywords, however, by default tags are not meta keyword for your post and unless you have installed plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast which can help you use the tags as meta keywords, you do not have to think tags are meta keywords.

How to tag effectively in WordPress

Tags are usually short-the maximum is two or 3 words. The most important thing to think about here is to be sure tags are always relevant to the post content. Tags should not be too general and at the same time it is not a good practice to have a tag used one or two times only in your posts. Choose the tags for your post carefully, to make the reader click them when at the end of the post. If he is reading this post, what else he would like to read ? What is the chance to be interested in reading more of a certain topic ? Think this way and add only the tags which will help you achieve this.

WordPress Limit Tags Plugin


WP Limit Tags PluginYou can easily install WordPress Limit Tags Plugin from your Dashboard by going to Plugins – search for Limit Tags and download it. Once this is done you can configure it via the Settings – WP limit tags.

When configuring the WP Limit Tags Plugin, you will have to enter the maximum allowed tags per post, then choose the post type you would like to use the plugin for and save your changes. The limitation works pretty simple. When adding a certain limit, let’s say 5 tags per post and you are writing new post, once 5 tags are added, the Add button next to the field where you enter the tags will disappear and no one will be able to add more tags.

WordPress Limit Tags Plugin

Hm…wondering why you need this ? It is really useful when you are not the only author posting to your website. Adding this plugin can be of a great help.

Thank you for reading this WordPress tutorial on what are WordPress tags and how to use them effectively. Feel free to share and comment.