Website Optimization vs Traffic Optimization: How to Stay Relevant


SEO has changed a lot over the recent years. Early SEO was quite simple as well as affordable because there was less competition. However, with more and more companies getting websites and blogs, SEO has become a challenging task. Marketers now have to find new ways to get noticed.

The guidelines from Google have become more strict. If you do not abide by the guidelines, you might lose your ranking, which could affect the reputation of your business. So today SEO is not just about getting traffic but also making sure you stay relevant.

The two biggest ways to make sure your SEO is on point are Website Optimization and Traffic Optimization. In this article, we’ll go through both of them and see which you should focus on for your site.

Website Optimization

As the name indicates website optimization is all about offering a great user experience to the people. When people come to your website, it should load quickly, the information present on the pages should be excellent, all the pages should be well-connected, the pages must have a call to action, the images should be compressed, they should alt tags, meta tags and description needs to be unique, and more.

All this, when implemented in the right way, will optimize the website fully so that the visitors can have a fabulous and seamless experience.

Traffic Optimization

Next, you have the traffic optimization, which has a lot to do with finding targeted keywords. These words should be different for every website, so the main concern here is finding and using the right ones. You want to look for words that will be appealing to the customers you are trying to reach.

Which is Better?

Now both the aspects are entirely different and saying that one an edge over the other is difficult. As I already said every business is different and it depends on what you’re looking for. Both have their pros and cons so it is entirely dependent on the business as which approaches would lead to far-reaching results.

Website optimization, on one hand, can be advantageous because if people find the website to be informative there are high chances it would lead to sales but with traffic optimization, there is no guarantee whether it would transform into sales not. Also, traffic optimization can prove to be costly especially if you are going for the paid marketing.

It is not an easy decision for the business owners as everyone wants to get good results no matter which practice they adopt. Both are good in some sense and are result oriented too if implemented in the right direction. So it is all about your decision as what you want to do and how you want to do.

If you compare both then site optimization may come out as a winner in most of the cases as it is easy to do and there is some kind of surety that you get. If the website is well-designed and fully optimized you can get traffic which can be converted into sales. This means that you just have to work on the website optimzsation, once it is achieved the business will rank high on the search engines and it will automatically drive traffic. Also there is no cost involved in this process as you can take care of the same when designing your website so there is nothing extra that you need to do. You just have to keep a few things in mind and optimisation is done.

On the other hand you might face difficulties with traffic optimization as things are not easy. Also you need a lot of knowledge on the same and despite of putting in lots of traffic you might not get the desired results. So a better way out is to look for an option that will help you to accomplish the purpose rather than proving to be a wrong choice.

Thus it is very easy to say that site optimization should be your primary concern if you are doing SEO. An optimized website not only ranks better on the search engines but is sure to attract the people as well. So you can look forward to great outcomes and huge amount of traffic towards the website. Now your target is to convert the same thing into sales which is the biggest priority of any business owner. So have a clear idea of what is good for your business and will serve beneficial in every respect.

Kylee Brown is an SEO Trainer by profession and Writer by hobby. She has been providing SEO Courses in Singapore. Her advanced internet marketing skills will provide you the most recent information. She has done lots of creative works in the field of online Marketing. She has written multifold blogs and articles that present strategic approach, and marketing tips for online businesses.

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