Is WordPress Free? Are there any Costs for a WordPress site?


WordPress is one of the leading website creation tools available nowadays. With WordPress you can easily create any kind of websites including: business websites, e-commerce websites,  personal blog sites, magazine websites, news websites, portfolio websites. This can be easily done with one free program. Now here comes the question is WordPress free, are there any costs for a WordPress site and what are the hidden costs?

Is WordPress Free?

WordPress as a website building tool is completely free of charge. You can easily download the program from the website of the developers at

Are there any Costs for a WordPress site?

Installing WordPress requires a web hosting account on a web hosting server. This can be the only cost for having your WordPress site set up. It is important that you chose a hosting company that has experience hosting WordPress sites. You can chose a company that is a few dollars more expensive, but this can save you a lot of hassle and problems in the future. If your company has little or no experience hosting WordPress sites, you can have issues installing the WordPress application, you can have issues installing WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and the over all performance of your site can be compromised. We have tested almost all of the major hosting companies and we know that some are better WordPress hosts than others. If you chose to host your WordPress site with one of the biggest hosting providers, this might not be the best idea as they tend to have web servers compatible with all website building applications and this can impact the performance of your WordPress site.

Are the WordPress themes free?

There are lots of free WordPress themes that allow you to create a superb website. Of course, there are lots of WordPress themes that are premium and require a payment. Whatever option you chose you can have a beautiful and functional WordPress site. If you budget is tight, you can start with a free WordPress theme and upgrade to a premium one in the future.

Are the WordPress plugins free?

Most of the WordPress plugins are free. This allows you to install the plugins and to test them. On the contrary, the plugin developers do not include all of the features in the plugins for free. The fine tuning, top notch features can be unlocked by purchasing the premium, pro or whatever they call it version of their plugin. Again, if your budget is tight, you can start with the free version of the plugin and upgrade at a later point if necessary.

Is WordPress Free? Summary!

Is WordPress Free?

1. Yes WordPress site building tool is free!

2. All you need is a hosting account in a web hosting company!

3. You can find and use Free and Premium /paid/ WordPress themes!

4. You can find and use Free and Premium /paid/ WordPress plugins!

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