How to Schedule posts in WordPress


Schedule posts in WordPress is a piece of cake. This smart platform has this feature included, and based on my experience – it is a great way to post your content at a certain time of the day, depending on your targeted audience. I will give you some examples to better understand why learning how to schedule posts in WordPress can be of a great help and will explain How to Schedule posts in WordPress.

How to Schedule posts in WordPress and Why Schedule posts in WordPress?

For example let’s say it is 4th of July and you want to Congratulate your US audience for that special holiday…but you live in Europe. Isn’t it nice to have an option to do it at midnight central time?! Instead of setting up an alarm clock and wake up during the night, you can simply set your post and schedule it for the right time.

Now imagine you are planning to go on a vacation for a week. I bet you do not want to leave your website left in the cold for a whole week. And I am also sure you will pretty much enjoy the sun or mountain rather then posting new content :).

If any of this is the case – let me show you how to solve this problem and enjoy your spare time, while at the same time, your website is not abandoned.

How to schedule posts in WordPress

Normally you write a post, then you read it, check if it ok, edit what you decide to correct and you hit the publish button. There is a slight difference when you want to schedule your post for later. When you are ready to publish, instead of clicking the publish button – go and click EDIT right next to the Publish Immediately option.How to schedule posts in WordPress

Once this is done you will see a field where you can enter specific date and an hour. This would be the exact time you want to let your post live.

wp4Then click OK, and the Publish button will become Schedule button. Click on it and your post is scheduled to show on your website at the indicated time. Now you can enjoy your spare time and and do whatever you want while WordPress is taking care of your website.