How to remove comments from WordPress


Comments are one of the most distinctive and important parts of a WordPress site. Initially the WordPress platform was designed for blog website only, and it was imperative to easily add, manage, enable, disable or remove comments from WordPress sites.

Nowadays, WordPress comments represent an extremely functional option of communicating with your website visitors. Especially for an informative website like ours, comments are as crucial as the content.

Unfortunately spam comments represent a large amount of all the comments that are generated these days.

In this WordPress tutorial you will learn:

1. How to remove comments from WordPress in 3 steps!

2. How to delete all comments WordPress?

How to remove comments from WordPress?

If by any chance, you have comments that need to be removed from your website, you can easily do so by following these steps:

1. Login to your WordPress admin panel – normally it is

2. Navigate to COMMENTS

3. Move you mouse over a COMMENT and take actions

You can easily:

APPROVE – approves the comment and makes it visible on your website

REPLY – allows you to reply the comment

QUICK EDIT – allows you to edit the comment

SPAM – moves the comment to spam

TRASH – moves the comment to trash

remove comments from WordPress

How to delete all comments WordPress?

If it is required, you can delete all WordPress comments.

1. Navigate to COMMENTS

2. Click on the check box next to AUTHOR to select all comments

3. Select the appropriate action under the drop down menu above the AUTHOR

from the drop down menu you can:

UNAPPROVE – unapprove wordpress comments
APPROVE – approve wordpress comments
MARK AS SPAM – mark wordpress comments as spam
MOVE TO TRASH – move wordpress comments to trash and delete them later

delete all comments wordpress

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