How to Login to WordPress admin panel


Building a new WordPress site starts by logging in to the admin back end. If you are new to WordPress, the login to WordPress admin panel can be a bit tricky. In this tutorial, we will show you, why it is important to learn your back end login url, how to login to WordPress backend and how to secure your login URL.

Why do you need URL to Login to WordPress?

If you administer a site, you need to have a specific URL (link) to login and start adding themes, plugins, text, pictures, posts, pages and many more. Normally every site building application has specific admin back end URL that you need to learn, so you can easily access the site. Think of this URL as the door to your site. Once you enter it, you can completely edit the site.

How to Login to WordPress admin panel?

If you perform a manual installation of WordPress or you use Softaculous to install the WordPress for you, you have several options to login to WordPress admin panel. If you web hosting provider is optimized for WordPress, you can have your site up and working in less than 2 minutes.

After the installation is done, you simply need to use one of the following URLs in your browser, to access the back end of your WordPress site:

The first two options: and will redirect you to the third option:

You simply need to learn one of the following URLs, so you can login easily.

If your site is on a subdomain (you have decided to have you simply need to write the whole URL and then add the /login ; /admin ; /wp-admin ; /wp-login.php

If you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory such as /wordpress, or newsite/, then you have to write one of the following URLs to your browser, so you can Login to WordPress admin panel:

How does the Login to WordPress screen look like?

The login screen to the WordPress back end is extremely user friendly and self explanatory.

You need to write the username and password you selected during the WordPress installation. It is pretty useful to have the login details mailed to you mailbox. If you install the WordPress using Softaculous, you can check how to do this in our tutorial: How to install WordPress with Softaculous

How to Login to WordPress admin panel

How to remember the URL to Login to WordPress admin panel?

You simply need to learn one link, the easiest way is to remember /login

Another way is to simply make a bookmark of the URL in your browser, so you can easily have the WordPress back end accessible with one click only.

How to Secure your Login to WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin?

The Limit Login Attempts plugin for WordPress is a must security. This plugin need to be installed as fast as possible, and most of the hosting providers have it installed with the initial WordPress installation. Additionally, if you install the WordPress with Softaculous, you can have this plugin installed for you by simply clicking a tick as shown below.

limit login attempts plugin WordPress

You can check how to have this plugin installed and configured in our WordPress tutorial: Secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin

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