How to Integrate Your Social Media Accounts with WordPress


Social media is a huge part of life on the internet. You Every brand and business needs to have a presence on Facebook on Twitter.

Get those profiles seen by integrating them directly with your site.

WordPress and social media

For WordPress, the best way to include social media elements is to use plugins. These Plugins can not only extend the functionality in enhancing the traffic but also help in exchanging the traffic between the website and social media, leave positive impacts of users/visitors, brand building and promote profiles in social media.

Increasing popularity of social media

Social sharing has become quite essential today to gain popularity in the online world. This is simply the practice of sharing contents on sites and blogs to media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Social sharing buttons are used to trigger social sharing. These buttons are implemented by bloggers to help the visitors effortlessly to posts their blogs as well as informative contents on social media.

It enhances social media referral traffic and traffic stats. This, in turn, helps in enhancing the SERP rankings. Open social share is no doubt a social sharing plugin which is dedicated to offering social sharing widget on the posts, home page, content pages, feeds, etc.



Twitter Feed

This has become one of the latest business trends recently. In fact, many business firms have to adopt the practicing of sharing their Twitter engagement on the sites. The Easy Twitter feed widget plugin can display the Twitter feed on the site. It is quite easy to set it up and also highly customizable.

Pinterest Feeds

Pinterest is a great way to display products or create contests and share memes.

Pinterest WordPress Plugin is a free one, and it is used to display your feed on the side of your page. Multiple features are also offered, which include Pin it button for the images, follow button, Pinterest profile widget, and Pinboard widgets.

Instagram Feed

This can directly fetch the Instagram images. For event sites, this functionality is perfect. Instagram Feed is highly popular as the best WordPress plugin for populating images. It can display pictures from some Instagram accounts in different or same feeds. Shortcodes can be used to display the Instagram feed on your website pages.


Moving Forward

All of these tools will allow you to easily integrate your social media profiles with your site. this will make it much easier for your readers and customers to interact with you directly.

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