How to hide WordPress Login Page


WordPress is a great and extremely popular website building tool. Being so popular, can have both positive and negative effect on your website. Lots of people are creating plugins, themes, security fixes and many more beneficial WordPress contributions. On the contrary, lots of hackers can know a site is created with WordPress in less than a second and can try the most common techniques to gain access to your website. In this tutorial, we will show you How to hide WordPress login page as by default, it is one and the same for every WordPress site.

What is the WordPress blog Login Page?

Every single WordPress site has one and the same login page access. This is easy to remember, but easy to find for hackers too. In this previous tutorial, we described How to Login to WordPress admin panel. Now we will make a short summary of the login options you have, and how to hide them.

Anyone can easily find your WordPress back end URL by typing:

Once the page is loaded, hackers use the so called brute force until they find the right combination of username and password to access the back end of your WordPress site. If hackers gain access to the back end, this may be crucial and devastating for both your website, business project and many more Internet users. In such situations, lots of site owners say how to hide WordPress Login Page?

In this previous tutorial, we showed how to Secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin, but is this enough to secure your WordPress Blog site?

What are my options and How to Secure and hide WordPress Login page for my Blog site?

How to hide WordPress Login Page

You have several options to secure your WordPress blog site Login page.

Option 1: Install a plugin that limits the login attempts to your site

Good option, but it does not hide the admin URL and hackers know the back end WordPress Login page

Option 2: Install a security plugin to further secure your WordPress site

This option is again very popular, however the security plugins can dramatically slow your site and some of the plugins may require additional costs

Option 3: Create Server side password Authentication for the WordPress Login Page

This option can be a life saver, however the WordPress back end URL remains the same and hackers will still know it. If they use brute force, they need to take some more time until they crack the code and gain access to the login screen.

Option 4: Completely rename/hide the WordPress Login Page

Using a plugin to completely rename the WordPress login page is simply the most easy to do job and might save you a lot of hassle and issues in the future. You simply need to install a plugin called: WPS Hide Login

wps hide login pluginTo sum up, you can secure your WordPress login page by several different ways. The most secure way is to completely rename/hide WordPress Login Page. This can be easily done with a plugin. What hackers cannot see, they cannot hack. It will take considerably long time to find the WordPress back end login URL. Having in mind all hackers automate the brute force attacks, this might save your from starting your project from scratch.

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