How to deactivate all plugins in WordPress


Using plugins for WordPress is a must. There are so many that allows you to reach unbelievable results in different fields, that the WordPress users can not even think about living without Plugins. As everything nice is life – they sometimes can cause you a big trouble. When something happens and your website turns blank, or you see the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress or any other annoying error, preventing your website being may need to deactivate all your plugins. What to do and how to deactivate all plugins in WordPress if you do not even have an access to your WordPress admin panel? No, worries..there are at least two options to figure this out, without having to be logged.

In this tutorial I will show you the different options that you have and how to deactivate all plugins in WordPress.

How to deactivate all plugins in WordPress using FTP

Most of us use FTP on a daily basis when building a website and this is indeed the most preferable way for deactivating plugins.The best part is that it takes a few seconds only. All you have to do is go to the /wp-content/ folder and navigate to the plugins.Rename the folder( it does not really matter what name you will choose, just add . and then old, broken or whatever you like) . Let’s say we choose broken. Then rename it to – /wp-content/plugins.broken and you are done. If the issue is plugin related, log in to your WordPress admin backend and then go back to /wp-content and rename the folder back to /wp-content/plugins. Start activating the plugins again one by one till you find the bad one.

How to deactivate all plugins in WordPress using FTP using phpMyAdmin

Once you go to your cPanel, phpMyAdmin, find your database and go in the wp_options table there and navigate to “active_plugins”. Simply change the value of that option to a:0:{} and the work is done.

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