How to create posts in WordPress


This group of WordPress tutorials will teach you the ABC’s you need to know at the beginning of your WordPress venture, after you have chosen your domain name and hosting provider. With just a few steps you can create your website and soon enjoy the results of your hard, but pleasant and fruitful work. Let me show you How to create Posts in WordPress.

Once you are logged in your admin panel you need to go to Posts – Add new. And this is how it all begins.

how to add a post in wordpress

You have 4 important things to focus on here:

STEP 1   Add title of your posts in WordPress

The post title is displayed at the very top of your post, above all the content. It considered to be an important SEO factor. The name of the post gives your audience a hint what the post is going to be about and it should be catchy to make them read, not leave.

Add title of your posts in WordPress

STEP 2   Add the content of your post in WordPress

Add the content of your post in WordPress

To post your content you have two options to choose from – Text ( you add the content using HTML ) or Visual ( you use WYSIWYG- “what you see is what you get” editor to post your content ).

The Text tab in your WordPress post editor is for editing the HTML code of your post. Most of the users prefer to use the Visual editor as it is the easiest way to write posts.

The Visual one has tons of options for formatting  the posts and it is easy to use it indeed. We all use Microsoft Word and the icons in this editor look pretty much the same, so once there you will know what to do.

Here I have one personal recommendation which is to organize well the text in your post. You can use paragraphs to make it easier for your visitors to read and show your them the ropes . Each paragraph inside the WordPress Post should have a title – I personally bold them as you can see, it gives your readers a reference point and and the same time the whole website looks neat and tidy. Who doesn’t like well-arranged things?!


Once this is done, you can publish your post, by clicking the publish button and this is what makes the post put into practice.

   STEP 4   Enjoy the results

Then go to your website, simply refresh and enjoy the results. Your first posts in WordPress are ready and you are ready to continue adding more interesting posts on your website!

Thank you for reading this WordPress tutorial on how to create posts in WordPress. Feel free to share and comment.