Great Themes To Build A College Blog


Having a blog while you’re in college or university is a good way to work on your writing skills as well as learn about WordPress. The ability to arrange a high-quality content with all the specifics makes you attractive to job recruiters after you graduate. Choose the theme you like, think a bit about design, and start writing the content. Here are some things that can help you.

Start with the basics

To create a blog, you have to know how to use WordPress and choose a theme. There are many beautiful free themes you can get right from the repository. Think about the content and how it will be represented before searching for a theme.

Here are some of our favorites

Medium By jojoee

This option is perfect for coders. Here you can share blog posts about coding tips and findings. It is a very convenient feature for every blogger who wants to have an adequate feedback about the information he or she posts. The style of your website will be minimalistic and stylish.

Journalistic By lighthouse

This theme is perfect for a local online newspaper, a list of events, or any other journalistic content. This option is already SEO optimized. By creating an educational or informative blog, you can learn how to SEO optimize your content and make it popular. It also has a responsive design with is working on any mobile devices.

Brigsby By wpHoot

This is a premium theme that will run you $46, though there is a free version. This is a pretty template for various blog topics like beauty, traveling, photography, romance, relationship, etc. Another important feature is ecommerce adaptation, that means that once your page is popular, you can easily sell products or services. It also has an image slider and is ready to be translated to any language.

Focus By SiteOrigin

This theme makes it very easy to create beautiful and unique content. It is good not only for blogs but also for video content. It has a stylish and responsive video player for MP4 format. If you plan on creating video content instead of text, this template is perfect for you.

Which theme to choose?

Each of the themes is free and has a premium support option. They will all help you create a beautiful college blog that you can share with future employers.

Michael Stoddard

Michael Stoddard is a freelance writer for and a blogger who has started his blog while being a student. He explains that this is the best time to learn how WordPress works and to establish a full content blog.

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