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In this week’s News Drop we talk about Camp Press, a series of camping events meant to encourage WordPressers to take a break from the digital world and reconnect with each other.

We also talk about DonateWC, a charitable organization hoping to help send WordPress users to WordCamps that they couldn’t ordinarily afford to attend. We also recently published a great interview with Ines van Essen about DonateWC’s goals in 2018.

Love WordPress news but hate reading? My name is Doc and this is Doc Pop’s News Drop.

If you have a hard time picking between camping or going to a WordCamp, then you’ll love Camp Press. Starting back in 2015, Camp Press is a 2-3 day camping event that encourages WordPressers, developers, and creatives to disconnect from the digital life and better connect with each other.

The next Camp Press is in Austin, TX in late February and another one has just been announced for Iceland in Mid-April.

Vacationing in Iceland can be very pricey but flights to there are surprisingly cheap. And Camp Press tickets include lodging for 3 nights, transportation from Reykjavik, hiking guides, access to geothermal pools, meals, and other things. They even provide musical instruments to play by the campfire.

If you’ve never been to Iceland, I highly recommend it. It’s some of the best camping I’ve ever had. Learn more about the Austin and Iceland Camp Press events online at

Speaking of WordPress meetups, have you heard about DonateWC? It’s a charitable organization created by Ines van Essen to help folks afford WordCamps that are outside of their budget.

I hadn’t heard of it until our own Emily Schiola wrote about it for Torque Magazine last week. By keeping WordCamp tickets low, the WordPress community is trying it’s best to make these events accessible to everyone, but DonateWC recognizes that the travel and lodging is often the most significant barier for low income attendees, and aims to help sponsor 20 attendees in 2018 who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. If you’d like to help donate or are interested in more info on getting sponsored, check out or Donate_WC on Twitter.

That’s it for this week’s news drop, Thanks for watching. We’ve been seeing lots of new subscribers lately and I just wanted to say thanks for supporting our videos and leaving comments. Tune in next week for more WordPress news.

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