BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review


Is BlueHost Suitable for your WordPress site? Is BlueHost suitable for WordPress beginners? We will cover all of these important BlueHost WordPress Hosting questions in this article.

BlueHost is one of the largest and oldest hosting companies. It has tons of website hosted on their servers, but are they good for hosting WordPress sites? Are they good for WordPress Beginners? Are they good for you additional WordPress sites?

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

BlueHost have specific hosting plan that is optimized for WordPress users. It can be accessed through this link and has all industry standard features that are useful for WordPress Beginners.

The BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plan has free domain name, unlimited bandwidth – however this may be ambiguous and we will discuss the unlimited bandwidth in a different article. Additionally, the package comes with 1 click installation of WordPress and 24/7 support. All this comes for the price of $3.95* per month. The regular BlueHost WordPress Hosting price is $5.95 per month.

This general information looks great, however lets focus on every single detail in this BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review. Most of the features are not completely described, not completely visible and not completely easy to understand for a WordPress Beginner.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review – what is the catch?

First of all, BlueHost has the price of $3.95* per month. Unfortunately this price comes if you purchase the hosting account for 36 months (3 years). This means you will definitely be paying more than $140 upfront.

Secondly, BlueHost has provided detailed information that websites will not be moved by their support team for free. BlueHost has SiteTransfer page, that describes the service as paid one and it costs $99 one time fee.

To sum up, if you start your new WordPress site, you will get a hosting account for approximately $140 upfront, and you can install the WordPress on your own with one click installer tool.

If you have your own WordPress site already developed and hosted by a different hosting company, you will need to transfer it on your own, otherwise you need to pay $99 one time fee.