8 Ways to Increase Qualified Traffic to your WordPress Site



If you have recently developed a new interest in blogging or you are trying your luck with a small business, your first step would naturally be to set up a website. However, your job just doesn’t end there. You need to drive traffic to your site and not just any traffic; it has to be laser targeted traffic that adds to your bottom line.

High-quality traffic is when visitors are genuinely interested in your content and are searching for your product. Some indicators for high-quality traffic are increased conversion, and engagement with visitors.

Here are eight ways you can drive qualified traffic to your WordPress site:

1. SEO

According to research conducted by MarketDive, 82 percent of marketers believe that SEO is becoming more effective. The key to optimization is high-quality content. Your target should be to increase dwell time on your website, which is the amount of time your visitors spend on your website, and that can only happen if your content provides value to them.

SerpIQ went through search results of 20,000 keywords and found that pages that rank in top 10 results have an average of 2000 words. Pages on 10th position have 400 less words than pages on higher positions. Hence, it can be said that Google love websites with rich content.

2. Social media

While SEO is an effective way to generate traffic, it is a mistake to rely solely on that. Social media can also prove to be a useful tool for traffic generation. According to Q3 2016 Merkle Digital Marketing report, Facebook accounted for 61 percent of website visits generated on social media. Twitter can also be of great help; you can follow people relevant to your field and get followers in return. Try to tweet about discounts, special offers and some fun posts to build your brand. Also, try to engage with your customers and retweet any reviews.

You can use plugins as well such as Sharebar that allow readers to share the content on your website on social media.

3. Blogging

The founder of Mob.is.it was able to increase search traffic by 20 percent over a period of just five months by posting 44 guest posts on 41 blogs. To do guest blogging successfully, you need to find websites that suit your needs and accept guest blogs. You can use BuzzSumo to search for post ideas and websites. The second option is you can search on Google by writing queries such as “herbal tea” + “guest post.”

Other than that you should try and build relationships with other blogs by leaving comments on their blogs and linking their content so that you get links in return.

4. Build email list

Most of the people won’t return your website after the first visit, which why, it is necessary to get hold of email addresses as soon as you get a chance. Being a traditional tool, email marketing is usually side lined, however, it is the easiest way to share any announcements that you may have such as discounts or a launch of a new product.

Your emails should always be well crafted with compelling headings. You can use tools such as MailChimp to send emails. With MailChimp, you can carry out A/B testing to see what works. Plus, you can personalize each email. Just be careful that you don’t annoy your subscribers by sending them emails every now and then.

5. Add more videos

Videos are becoming increasingly popular and are proving to be far more effective than text or images. Just to give you a rough idea, a good video increases purchase intent by 97 percent. Also, users are 27 percent more likely to click on a video than a banner ad. The best part about videos is that they are 45 times more likely to reach to your potential customers.

You can leverage the large number of users on YouTube. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that can make your job easier. With video thumbnails plugin, you can display a thumbnail image of your video on the first page of your website.

6. Optimize speed

According to a survey, half of the web users expect a page to load within two seconds and 79 percent of online shoppers won’t return to a website if it does not load within reasonable time. A WordPress website tends to get slower after insertion of a few plugins and images.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you can test your site with tools such as Google Page Speed, which will also give you recommendations along with results. WordPress plugins such as WP Super Cache reduces load time by caching latest version of your webpage so that the server doesn’t have to create it every single time.

7. Backlinks

Often people focus only on keywords and ignore the importance of backlinks. A backlink is basically a link between two webpages. They are a sort of recommendation that increase your site’s search ranking.

Quality should always be given priority over quantity; one link from an authoritative website can benefit you more than a number of link from unknown websites. As per Moz Search Engine ranking factors survey 2015, SEO community believes that links play a great role in Google’s algorithm.

8. Analytics

You should always keep a tab on your analytics data. If your analytics data is rich with insights; it can show you where your traffic is coming from and what posts and pages are most popular so that you can tailor your content and promotional strategies accordingly. Google Analytics is one useful tool that does the job.

If implemented correctly, these strategies can prove to be quite useful. However, it is not just about generating high quality traffic, you have to sustain it as well. One way to do that is by CRM integration in WordPress. A CRM tool allows you to manage all your customer information in one place. Some good CRM plugins include UkuuPeople, and WP-CRM.

Audrey Throne is a mother of a 2-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about health, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

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