5 Famous Musicians Who Use WordPress



What began as a blogging platform 14 years ago now powers 28 percent of the Internet, and even the world’s biggest superstars trust WordPress to run their websites.

These are the biggest musicians using the CMS.


Queen Bey herself uses WordPress, and honestly, I could stop this article right here. Beyoncé uses her site to house links to her music, tour, shop, and more.

Jay Z

We complete our music royalty with Jay Z. The famous rapper’s site is laid out like a museum for all things Jay Z. Look at his music, art, shop, and more, all in one beautiful layout.

Mick Jagger

From one legend to another, Mick Jagger has a beautiful site that displays the lyrics to his new single. The Rolling Stones frontman has links to his social media, music videos, and official store all on the front page.

Katy Perry 

Pop princess, Katy Perry’s site is more straightforward than the others on the list. Right on the front page, you have access to her newest album, music video, tour, store, and more. Scroll to the bottom and find her newsletter and social buttons.


Seattle born rapper, Macklemore also leverages the power of WordPress. The top of his site has a carousel that shows his latest album, tour dates, and music video. He also has a tab for his activism projects.

All of these artists span many generations and types of music, but they have one thing in common, WordPress. The CMS supports some of the biggest names in the industry and gives them an opportunity to share their sound with the world.

Emily Schiola

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